We fight to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

At the LIVESTRONG Foundation, our mission is to inspire and empower people affected by cancer.

We consider anyone affected by cancer—patients, caregivers and loved ones—a survivor at the moment of diagnosis and through every stage of the cancer journey. We’re letting survivors know they’re not alone. There are 28 million people living with cancer around the world, and we’re standing with them in the fight against cancer. We’re helping survivors find their voice and take control of their fight.

In 2010, cancer became the leading cause of death worldwide.

Cancer accounts for nearly eight million deaths worldwide each year, killing more people than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. LIVESTRONG is calling on world leaders to make cancer a global priority. We believe all cancer survivors have the right to receive the treatment, services and support they need.

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Together with local partners, we will…

  1. Increase Awareness of cancer as a priority among policy makers.

  2. Improve Access to care for cancer survivors around the world.

  3. Empower People affected by cancer to engage in the fight against cancer.



  • Abdel Nasser

    Middle East

    The first year, I got scared but now I am back to normal and just have to take my medication. And I thank God. The first year was the hardest until I coped with the illness. And if you get scared it will overwhelm you. If you fight, you will win.

  • Dr. Michael Silberman

    Middle East

    It became clearly evident that the majority of cancer patients in the Middle East see a physician for the first time when the cancer is not treatable (70% of all patients). What is left is palliative care, whether in the hospital, hospice or at home. MECC has arranged for a Situation Analysis Survey to determine the current situation of palliative care services in all MECC countries and has started to act accordingly



In 2007, LIVESTRONG executed a global cancer research study intended to give people affected by cancer a chance to share their cancer experiences and their perspectives on the cancer problem—a problem that is too often shrouded by stigma and silence. Hear from everyday people and medical professionals in India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and South Africa regarding how is cancer perceived and represented around the world.

Read "Cancer Stigma and Silence Around the World: A LIVESTRONG Report."

Read "Stigma & Silence: A LIVESTRONG Brief."

Cancer accounts for nearly 8 million deaths worldwide each year, killing more people than TB, AIDS and malaria combined. The situation is particularly dire in the developing world. In 1970, only 15 percent of new cancer cases occurred in the developing world. Currently, over half of new cancer cases and almost two-thirds of cancer deaths now occur in low-income and middle-income countries, and the burden is expected to grow. By 2030, it is estimated that 70 percent of the global cancer burden will be borne by the developing world.

The LIVESTRONG documentary, Delivering Hope, illuminates through patient stories the possibility and promise of treating cancer in settings with limited resources. The Lance Armstrong Foundation is working to ensure that people around the world have access to the cancer care and support they need. Learn more at www.livestrong.org/deliveringhope.

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