Four years ago, I was visiting home after my first year at college. Grabbing lunch with some old friends in San Francisco, we were discussing the upcoming Nike Women's Marathon. I made a comment that I couldn't wait to one day run a marathon myself. One of the guys laughed, and responded, "Come on Tina...yeah right." Although he meant no harm by this comment, I have never forgotten it - the terrible feeling that someone I loved did not believe in me.

This fall I will run the full Chicago Marathon. It holds significant meaning because this will be the first marathon I run alone. The truth is that I'm terrified. When I ran the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon in 2013, I only made it to the finish because I had a dear teammate by my side the entire way. This October, I will run alone, next to 45,000 runners through the streets of Chicago.

But I'm running for LIVESTRONG. I'm running for cancer survivors. I'm running for Bucky. I'm running for Ruben. I'm running for Ruel. I'm running for Texas 4000. I'm running for Ozarks. I'm running for my Aunt Mer, who will be there to cheer me on. I can already hear her yelling "Way to go, Kiddo!" I'm running for all the people who have been told they can't.

I'm running for you.

Please consider joining me in the fight against cancer, and supporting my journey. I promise to work as hard as I can to make you proud, but most of all I promise never to tell someone they can't.

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