Give Daily Cures to people who are fighting cancer right now.

eric, 32, Testicular cancer survivor

Your donation can provide a LIVESTRONG Guidebook to a cancer survivor.

Your gift can connect someone fighting cancer with a survivor who’s been there.

Your donation can send a survivor through a six-week program to help them reclaim their life after cancer treatment.

Your donation can ensure that a cancer survivor will receive access to discounted rates to bank their sperm or freeze their eggs or embryos prior to cancer treatment.

Your donation can ensure that three cancer survivors will receive information on their fertility risks due to cancer treatment and their options for fertility preservation.

Your gift can provide live-changing services to people fighting cancer right now.


Cancer happens to a person, not a number. Each person has her journey, his experience, her feelings, his attitude. Facing that journey is precisely why we have developed programs to help the whole person heal and to help communities support people affected by cancer.

Since our inception, we have raised more than $500 million dollars for the fight against cancer, and those funds have directly supported our programs and services for survivors like one-on-one support, the Community Impact Project and LIVESTRONG at School, among many others.

We saved our 15,000 clients nearly $6,000,000 in personal costs by negotiating discounts, maximizing available medication programs and overturning denials from insurance companies.

We invested $1.4 million to bring proven cancer support programs to 90 sites across the U.S.

We helped more than 184,000 students and teachers in 2012 through our LIVESTRONG at School curriculum.