Coalitions We Support

Smoke-Free Texas

Smoke-Free Texas is a broad coalition of organizations that believe all Texas workers have the right to breathe clean indoor air. Because science tells us secondhand smoke kills, we support a statewide law to protect Texans from the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure in the workplace. No one should have to choose between a job and their health.

We believe the Texas economy benefits from a healthy workforce. Legislation prohibiting smoking in indoor public places is a no-cost way to prevent the many diseases caused by exposure to secondhand smoke and will save Texas taxpayers and businesses money.
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Californians for a Cure

Californians For a Cure is a broad coalition of organizations that support the passage of a $1 per pack increase to the state’s tobacco tax to fund cancer research and tobacco prevention and cessation programs. The coalition supports passage of this tax through the California Cancer Research Act, a proposition that will appear on the 2012 Presidential Primary ballot, and dedicate more than $500 million annually to cancer research.
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One Voice Against Cancer

One Voice Against Cancer (OVAC), a collaboration of national nonprofit organizations representing millions of Americans, delivers a unified message to Congress and the White House on the need for increased cancer-related appropriations.

OVAC began in January 2000 as a working group of public health organizations dedicated to ensuring that the federal government provides the necessary investments for cancer research and application programs. It has since grown into an effective lobbying coalition on cancer funding that has enabled the community to enhance policymakers’ awareness of the need for substantial increases in essential cancer programs. Lawmakers and federal agencies are asked also to focus efforts on outreach into ethnic minority and other underserved populations, many of which have a higher risk and mortality from various forms of cancer.
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