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At the time of my diagnosis, I had a girlfriend, and I was worried about how that might affect our relationship.

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Your cancer diagnosis and treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can affect your fertility. Get informed about your fertility risks and options. With guidance and financial support through LIVESTRONG Fertility, Aaron banked his sperm a few days before he started chemotherapy.

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LIVESTRONG has developed tools and resources that can help you evaluate your fertility risks and family-building options. And we offer programs that can help offset the costs of sperm banking or egg and embryo freezing. A year after Aaron finished treatment, he got engaged to his girlfriend. Aaron says, “With the help of LIVESTRONG, we have the confidence that we can start a family together.”

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LIVESTRONG can help you understand your diagnosis. We also help with emotions that come after a diagnosis, how to tell others about your cancer and fertility options.

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