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When your world comes crashing down and you think you may not be around for your child, it’s pretty devastating.

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Planning Medical Care

LIVESTRONG helped Heather find the best health care team for her. “I logged onto LIVESTRONG and in hardly any time at all, I was speaking to an oncology nurse,” Heather says. Learn what questions to ask about treatment options and free or low-cost support services.

Understand Your Diagnosis

When Heather was diagnosed, she was devastated and worried that she would not be able to be there for her young son. She contacted LIVESTRONG,, who helped her understand her diagnosis. Heather says about her LIVESTRONG Navigator, “She immediately guided me through the most complex system, which is the health care world.”

Get One-on-One Support

LIVESTRONG can help you understand your diagnosis. We also help with emotions that come after a diagnosis, how to tell others about your cancer and fertility options.

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