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Before that day, I had never called in sick in my entire life. I was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer. I didn’t quite get how big this was going to be.

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After Iram was diagnosed with brain cancer, he thought that by not talking to his wife about it, he was protecting her. LIVESTRONG connected Iram with the Cancer and Relationships class, which helped him learn to deal with his emotions. "The LIVESTRONG Cancer and Relationships class gave me perspective," Iram says.


The LIVESTRONG Guidebook is a companion for cancer survivors as they navigate the health care system. LIVESTRONG helped Iram address the emotional aspects of cancer. "My diagnosis took an emotional toll that I wasn’t prepared for," Iram says. Order the LIVESTRONG Guidebook to access information about the physical, emotional and practical concerns you may have during the cancer journey.

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LIVESTRONG can help you understand your diagnosis. We also help with emotions that come after a diagnosis, how to tell others about your cancer and fertility options.

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