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When my doctor told me my diagnosis, it was like the lights dimmed. I felt very confused and like my future was limited.

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Emotional Support

A cancer diagnosis comes as a shock. We can help you deal with your diagnosis. Healing happens on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. LIVESTRONG connected Leon with an all-male support group where he learned about cancer, nutrition, exercise and how to have a successful recovery.

Prostate Cancer Support

When Leon was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he felt overwhelmed. He says, "I needed somebody to help me make sense of everything. I talked with a LIVESTRONG Navigator who connected me with a nurse practitioner. She helped me make sense of the doctor’s reports and understand the type of cancer I had and the options for treating it."

Get One-on-One Support

LIVESTRONG can help you understand your diagnosis. We also help with emotions that come after a diagnosis, how to tell others about your cancer and fertility options.

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