For Health Care Professionals

We've developed materials, partnerships and tools that can help patients prepare for, cope with and manage their cancer journey. Talk with your patients about these resources, and utilize them in your practice to help provide comprehensive support.

LIVESTRONG Navigation Services

Talk to your patients about the need for support outside of medical care. LIVESTRONG offers free, confidential one-on-one support for physical, emotional and day-to-day cancer concerns. An intake form can be completed by phone at 1.855.220.7777 or online. Caregivers may call on behalf of a patient as needed.
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Fertility Preservation Options & Discounts

By joining the LIVESTRONG Fertility Partners Program, fertility centers and sperm banks can provide hope for future families by helping to reduce the costs that prohibit many people diagnosed with cancer from preserving their fertility before starting cancer treatment.
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Cancer Support Topics and Survivor Interviews

Point your patients to a wealth of information about physical, emotional and practical cancer concerns, including interviews with cancer survivors. This information can help patients understand what to expect from the cancer experience, and is easy to read online, print or share.
Cancer Support Topics
Survivor Interviews

Treatment Decisions and Clinical Trials

Patients may need help assessing treatment options for a specific cancer diagnosis. They may also wish to find and learn about clinical trials for which they would be a match. Talk to your patients about easy online tools they can use to make informed decisions in these areas.
Treatment Decisions
Clinical Trial Matching

Inspiration and Organization

Order LIVESTRONG Guidebooks and wristbands to provide your patients with inspiration and information that can help them manage their cancer experience. These items are available singly or in bulk for your practice.
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Living After Cancer Treatment

For patients nearing the end of cancer treatment, this free brochure series can help them understand what to expect regarding the late and long-term effects of cancer. These brochures have been developed with a lower reading level in order to provide the most useful and accessible information for specific survivor populations.
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Consultations and Referrals

If you need additional support for a patient, contact the LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center of Excellence Network. The network offers services to cancer survivors and health care professionals through:
  • Consultations for survivors
  • Access to clinical programs for survivors
  • Program development consultations with center directors
  • Access to educational materials from centers' websites

Living After Cancer Treatment Brochure Series

This free brochure series can help patients nearing the end of treatmemt understand what to expect regarding the late and long-term effects of cancer.

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Health Care Training Programs

Take advantage of these opportunities to deepen your skills and provide comprehensive support to patients and families affected by cancer.

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Cancer and Fertility Brochures

These free brochures discuss fertility risks and options when dealing with cancer.

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Information and worksheets to help your patients get organized from diagnosis through treatments and beyond.

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