Join the LIVESTRONG Fertility Program

We invite your fertility center or sperm bank to partner with the LIVESTRONG Fertility program, which connects recently diagnosed cancer patients to discounted fertility preservation options before beginning cancer treatment. We help facilitate this process through LIVESTRONG’s navigation services, providing emotional and resource support for cancer patients and their loved ones.

Being a part of the LIVESTRONG Fertility program means giving cancer survivors the opportunity to plan for a family when they are ready. Participating centers offer discounted rates on egg freezing, embryo freezing and/or sperm banking services to cancer patients who meet diagnosis, treatment and income criteria.

When patients are interested in pursuing preservation, we connect them to participating centers and facilitate the entire patient application and approval process.

You can review the Patient Application form to become familiar with the patient eligibility criteria and approval process.

LIVESTRONG Fertility – Criteria and Application for Women
LIVESTRONG Fertility – Criteria and Application for Men

Note: There is no direct exchange of money or individual grants offered.

Why participate in LIVESTRONG Fertility?

  • Participation is free and new agreements can be initiated at any time.
  • By providing discounted preservation services, you will help increase awareness of and access to fertility preservation options for those facing cancer.
  • LIVESTRONG oversees the application process and communicates approved patients to you in a timely and efficient manner
  • Select pre-cycle medications are donated to through an exclusive relationship with EMD Serono, Inc.

How do you join LIVESTRONG Fertility?

Review the LIVESTRONG Fertility Manual to ensure that your organization meets the criteria to become a participating center:

LIVESTRONG Fertility for Women – Manual
LIVESTRONG Fertility for Men – Manual

Complete the LIVESTRONG Fertility Agreement, identifying your discounted rates and contact information. Separate agreements need to be completed for participation in the program for men and the program for women.

LIVESTRONG Fertility for Women – Fertility Center Agreement to Participate
LIVESTRONG Fertility for Men – Fertility Center Agreement to Participate

Send signed LIVESTRONG Fertility agreement electronically to or by fax to 512-309-5515. Once received, one of our team members will be in touch within 1-2 business days regarding next steps.

Visit for more cancer and fertility resources.

We Advocate for Insurance Coverage

Read the joint Position Statement by LIVESTRONG and the Cancer Legal Resource Center on the subject of health insurance coverage for fertility preservation in cases of iatrogenic infertility, such as cases caused by many cancer treatments.