LIVESTRONG Promotores Program

The LIVESTRONG Promotores program is a professional development program to provide Promotores the skills and knowledge to serve and connect survivors and their loved ones to cancer-related resources and support. Roles and responsibilities of Promotores vary from community to community; however, LIVESTRONG-certified Promotores:

  1. Refer Hispanic/Latino’s affected by cancer to LIVESTRONG’s Navigation services available either online, by phone or in-person (Austin, Texas ONLY).

    For example, many LIVESTRONG-certified Promotores assist individuals at a local oncology clinic waiting room (with the permission of the staff) by listening to their concerns and discussing ways that LIVESTRONG can support the individual in addressing their needs.
  2. Serve local organizations that reach Hispanic/Latino cancer survivors by distributing LIVESTRONG materials and attending local community events, including health fairs and LIVESTRONG-sponsored events.

    For example, Promotores distribute LIVESTRONG materials in community clinics and also conduct presentations on LIVESTRONG and LIVESTRONG Navigation services.

To see LIVESTRONG-certified Promotores in action, please watch this short video.


Disclaimer: LIVESTRONG-certified Promotores are not trained to serve as case managers, social workers and/or cancer experts. If your organization allows you to serve in that position that is separate from serving as a LIVESTRONG Promotor(a). At LIVESTRONG, our desire is educate individuals affected by cancer about the physical, emotional and day-to-day concerns of cancer survivorship. LIVESTRONG-certified Promotores are trained on these concerns and ways that individuals can seek support either by contacting their health care team or contacting cancer-related resources. Individuals living internationally (outside the US) will have limited access to services through the Navigation team at LIVESTRONG, but there are still a variety of services that can be accessed via phone and email.

The LIVESTRONG Promotores Training Program Is Currently Under Review: