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Voting FAQ

    When does voting for the 2014 Community Impact Project start and finish?
  • The voting period for the 2014 Community Impact Project will begin on March 24, 2014 at 10 a.m. CT and will close on April 9, 2014 at 5 p.m. CT.

    Why do I have to enter my email address and name to cast a vote?
  • Email addresses are required for voting to ensure that votes are being cast by people and not by an electronic voting program.

    How many times can I vote?
  • Voters are allotted one vote, per program, per region, per email address. Duplicate votes cast per program by the same email address will not be counted.

    Voters may earn an additional 2 votes per program, per region by sharing their vote on both Facebook and Twitter.

    There are three programs with hundreds of organizations vying for votes across multiple regions. Voters may cast a vote for each of the three programs.

    Will the LIVEStrong Foundation share my contact information with other organizations?
  • No, LIVESTRONG does not share any of the contact information that we attain through the Community Impact Project.

    Why do I vote by sharing through Facebook and Twitter?
  • These voting mechanisms are in place to assist voters with spreading the word via social media. By completing this portion of the voting, you help an organization get additional votes while simultaneously encouraging your social networks to also cast a vote in support of cancer survivors in your community.

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General FAQ

    Why does the LIVEStrong Foundation fund the replication of existing programs, rather than funding the development of new programs?
  • Since 2001 the LIVESTRONG Foundation has funded the development of more than 200 programs across the United States, providing direct support to hundreds of thousands of people affected by cancer. Beginning in 2010 our Community Program evolved into a mechanism to replicate many of these programs in new communities. By replicating rather than developing, we were able to increase our direct program support nearly tenfold in less than one year. After finding much success with the 2010 Community Impact Project, we changed our grant process to make the Community Impact Project our primary method of disseminating programs and grants.

    I have a great program, but I’ve not done a formal evaluation on it yet. Can I still apply?
  • Programs that are accepted for replication within the Community Impact Project must have evaluations and reports completed on their program prior to applying. By selecting programs that have demonstrated success we are able to ensure the programs we’re funding and replicating in new communities have already proven their ability to positively impact the cancer community. For more information on how to evaluate your program please visit our Community Toolkit.

    How many programs has the LIVEStrong Foundation replicated?
  • Since 2010, LIVESTRONG has replicated nine programs in hundreds of communities in more than forty states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. For more information on these programs visit LIVESTRONG.Org/Community.

    Once I submit my application is it possible to change the information I submitted for review?
  • No, once the application is submitted, applicants cannot make any edits or revisions. Please contact Community@LIVESTRONG.Org if you would like additional information considered.

    How does the LIVEStrong Foundation decide which programs will be selected for replication through the Community Impact Project?
  • All applications submitted for consideration for the Community Impact Project are reviewed internally by a team of LIVESTRONG subject matter experts. Programs selected must be evidence-based and meet the needs and requirements of our current plans and objectives. Please note that a limited number of programs can be chosen for replication. Qualified programs not selected for replication this year may be reconsidered the following year.

    What if my program was not selected for replication in 2014; when can I apply again?
  • The next Community Impact Project will take place in the spring of 2015. Please reapply before September 1, 2014. For information on how to apply please email Community@LIVESTRONG.Org.

    I have a program I would like LIVEStrong to consider for replication funding in 2015, who should I contact?
  • Please contact our Community Program & Engagement team at Community@LIVESTRONG.Org.

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