Think your students are too young to face cancer? Think again.

With one in three people in the U.S. facing a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, children in classrooms everywhere are likely to be dealing with cancer right now—with a grandparent, parent, family member, friend or teacher. Research shows that 25 percent of cancer survivors in the U.S. have school-aged children. Also, siblings of children with cancer report that the support they receive at school is just as important as the support they receive at home.

Help your students cope with and learn about cancer.

The LIVESTRONG at School curriculum offers online lessons for grades K–12 to help you teach your students about cancer in a way that is age-appropriate, inspiring and empowering.

Lessons include:

  • national standards
  • clear learning objectives
  • engaging videos
  • extension activities
  • a check for understanding
  • ways that students can get involved in the fight against cancer 

The program is flexible enough for you to adapt to your school community's needs. You can review and make use of the free LIVESTRONG at School Curriculum at any time.

What Else Can You Do?

It may be helpful for you to seek support and learn more about cancer and the issues that may be affecting members of your school community who are dealing with cancer. Learning more can help you decide how to best work with your students, their families or your colleagues.

Visit the For Educators Page for more information on where to find helpful resources.

LIVESTRONG at School Curriculum

This free, age-appropriate curriculum can help your students learn how cancer affects individuals and what they can do to help

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Returning to School

Learn how to advocate for a child's educational needs as they return to school after cancer treatment.

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Get Involved

Access tools to help you advocate for use of the LIVESTRONG at School Curriculum in your school

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