LIVESTRONG conducted this market research study to inform its strategy for its Hispanic/Latino outreach campaign which sought to close the gap in health disparities for Hispanics diagnosed with cancer. As a result of the award-winning outreach campaign, the number of Hispanic/Latino survivors accessing LIVESTRONG’s free, confidential navigation services has increased by 40 percent

According to the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results program of the National Cancer Institute, cancer is the second leading cause of death for Hispanics/Latinos in the U.S., accounting for about 20 percent of all deaths. Research shows that many Hispanics/Latinos fail to recognize symptoms of cancer, which frequently leads to late detection and therefore poor treatment outcomes (Center to Reduce Cancer Disparities). Factors contributing to the high rate of deaths from cancer among Hispanics/Latinos include: language barriers, cultural beliefs, among others (National Cancer Institute). To address this alarming trend, LIVESTRONG in November 2010 launched a national public education campaign to generate awareness of its free resources available in English and Spanish for Hispanics/Latinos affected by cancer. The campaign was comprised of various highly targeted outreach initiatives and anchored by a community health worker (or promotores) training program designed to empower cancer survivors by equipping them with the necessary resources.