The Cure Starts Now Foundation

Monkey In My Chair


We have partnered with Livestrong to provide Monkey In My Chair kits to 200 children across the United States. Monkey In My Chair is a unique program that keeps children connected with their classmates while they are undergoing cancer treatment. These children are given a large stuffed monkey that can attend school while they are unable to. They also get a large backpack, journal, photo album, children's book, a teacher's companion and other items. The children's book is a way for the teacher to introduce the monkey to the classroom and open up a conversation about what the class might expect during their friend's time away. The teacher's companion is a resource guide for the teacher to use in the classroom.These Monkey In My Chair kits will be sent out to individuals and hospitals as they are requested. The impact of these 200 kits will be seen in classrooms all over the United States. Each classroom of children will benefit greatly from having this program as well as several other classrooms school-wide. The program provides an essential and positive way for the classroom to deal with having a classmate going through cancer. This program has become a vital part of many classrooms with children diagnosed with cancer.