Hopecam Inc.

Give Hope, Get Connected


Hopecam is honored to be a recipient of the Livestrong Solution Grant. Combining Livestrong's great presence in the caner community with Hopecam's unique use of modern technology, together they will be making a difference by giving a sense of normalcy to hundreds of children battling cancer every day. Hopecam overcomes the social isolation of children with cancer by connecting them to their friends and classrooms during treatment by providing laptops and tablets, web cameras and internet service, and by working with teachers to establish connections in their classrooms.

Founder Len Forkas explains, “15,780 children will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Nearly every one of these children will have to be isolated from their friends and unable to attend school as a result of their treatment. Today, thanks to the support of Livestrong, this isolation can be overcome by hundreds more children with cancer across the United States. With modern technology and coordination through families, teachers and healthcare providers, Hopecam links children with cancer to the lives they had before their diagnosis, acting as a bridge toward recovery.”

Hopecam, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, has a simple yet life-saving mission: to reduce the loneliness felt by young cancer patients as they undergo treatment. The learning and laughter lift the spirits of these children and help them stay positive during a difficult time. We take pride in connecting over 2,500 children to 45,000 classmates in the U.S. 71% of the students helped by Hopecam attend Title 1 schools. Our goal is to transform the lives of many more children with cancer."