Jill Ruiter

Jill Ruiter
VP - Development & Events

Jill Ruiter joined the LIVESTRONG team in 2015. As Vice President - Development and Events, she is responsible for the management and strategic execution of all philanthropic revenue sources, including events, direct response, major gifts, stewardship, grants and corporate partners. She is passionate about mobilizing and optimizing resources which allows LIVESTRONG to continue to support cancer survivors and their families with their practical needs throughout their cancer journey.

Previously, Jill worked at the American Diabetes Association in Alexandria, Virginia where she was responsible for the implementation and execution of the Planned Giving program. As Director of this program, she oversaw nearly $25 million in annual revenue. During her tenure, she realized 150% growth in charitable gift annuity revenue and through empowerment of her team increased personal donor contacts by 320%. She also worked closely with the Major Gifts and Direct Response programs to achieve collective value of all acquisition, retention and stewardship efforts.

Jill also worked at Compassion International in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she helped develop the Planned Giving program, including the creation of their legacy society. In addition, she worked with Major Donors and planned and executed one of the largest cross-functional marketing events in the recent years.

Jill earned a B.S. in Communications from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida and an MBA from George Washington University in Washington, DC. While pursuing her MBA, Jill consulted with various energy and international banking corporations.

Jill is happiest when she is surrounded by family and friends; and she enjoys exploring the great outdoors!