Wonders & Worries

WonderTech: New tools that improve the scale and scope of care for families affected by cancer


WonderTech solutions fill a gap in the continuum of cancer care by providing tools that families, parents, and care providers can use to build a solid foundation of communication to successfully cope amidst the illness and stress of a cancer diagnosis. The tools leverage Wonders & Worries’ evidence-based curriculum and two decades of experience in the space. The Transformation Grant provided by Livestrong will allow the organization to introduce these solutions to market far more quickly and accelerate their availability to a national audience.

"We recognize the support we provide is needed much more broadly than we are currently able to offer it. As such, for the past several years we have been working very hard to scale our services in a way that makes them available to any family in need across the nation," said Alex Gabbi, Executive Director. "The Livestrong grant is truly transformational. With it, we will be able to scale our ability to help families directly and indirectly through clinical professionals at a pace that would otherwise not have been possible. We are excited to be able to impact exponentially more families in need as a result of Livestrong's generosity."