Named Endowments

The LIVESTRONG Foundation established an endowment in 2003 with the specific purpose of helping to maintain long-term financial security for the Foundation's programmatic goals.

The LIVESTRONG Endowment (Endowment) is made up of donor fund gifts that are subject to a requirement that the principal remain intact in perpetuity and invested to create a source of income. The Endowment provides donors with the opportunity to make a more permanent gift to the Foundation and at the same time, allows them to create a personal named fund in honor or memory of a loved one, a friend or for any purpose that is aligned with the Foundation's mission.

Named funds have perpetual recognition in the LIVESTRONG Foundation Annual Report and through gifting societies, and requires a minimum gift of $25,000, which may be funded over five (5) years. Additional funds may be added to a named fund in any amount, at anytime, by anyone. A named fund may also be accepted by the Endowment through planned gifts including a bequest or retirement asset. In that case, the named fund is not recognized until the planned gift, bequest or retirement asset funds are received.

Endowment funds are managed by third-party investment managers under board of director approved investment policies which strive to maximize resources while minimizing risk. Earnings from the Endowment funds as established under these policies are used annually in support of the Foundation's programs and services for people affected by cancer.

You may make a donation to a named fund, or view a full list of named funds.

For more information regarding the LIVESTRONG Endowment or to establish a named fund, please call 512.279.8413 or contact