2017 Livestrong Survey

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If you’re an adolescent or young adult cancer survivor, we encourage you to share your fertility and treatment experiences with us by filling out our 2017 Livestrong Survey. If you have been diagnosed with cancer since 2006 and were between the ages of 15-39 during your diagnosis, please consider participating.
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Wendy, Cervical Cancer Survivor.

Fertility Information Gap

Each year, approximately 150,000 young men and women are diagnosed with cancer during their reproductive years. Sadly, less than 50% of these cancer survivors report being informed of potential fertility risks during treatment by their healthcare team. This survey is designed to help us understand the depth of this issue and potential implications.
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Aaron, Testicular Cancer Survivor

Programs Inspired by You

Through our surveys, we've learned directly from patients, survivors, caregivers, and loved ones what their needs are. We in turn take that information and develop programs and resources that can help meet those needs.

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