I met Kate Voth in 2011 through mutual friends.  We quickly realized we shared the same passion:  running.  Unfortunately, Kate wasn't able to pursue her passion.  Rather, she and her husband, Mike, were in the midst of a full-on assault against Kate's melanoma.

The melanoma was so severe and aggressive that it left Kate immobilized on a good day, eventually leading to a cracked spine and constant debilitating pain.

Kate was resilient through it all.  Her optimism and thirst for adventure, life, and what lay ahead of her was inspiring.  She had so much love for everything around her and, quite frankly, seemed to support those more than they strived to support her in her battle.  I try every day to emulate the wonderful soul she was.  Unfortunately, Kate lost her fight against cancer on June 1, 2013.

I run for Kate.  I run for her pain, her battle, and her scars.  I run for her memory and her legacy.  I run to keep going.

Help us continue Kate's fight by volunteering at LIVESTRONG, running in the 2014 Austin LIVESTRONG race, or donating in Kate's memory.