To me LIVESTRONG means having the courage to face your fears every single day. It means fighting everyday to remain healthy and strong.

I don't have some extraordinary story about how I survived cancer. I'm a normal college student from Texas just hoping to change a live or two. I'm a nursing major, almost ready for nursing school next fall with an interest in oncology. I think it's important to celebrate wherever you are in your life. By continuing to run half-marathons, I'm celebrating the fact that I'm healthy and alive. I'm young and I'm running because I still can. 

 Although I don't suffer personally, 28 million people are fighting cancer and not all of them will have the strength to survive. I think it's also really important to help in the fight for other people- whether it be cancer, other illness, family problems, etc- it doesn't matter. For me, this means that I'm here to fight for you, whoever you are, whatever you're going through- I'm here.