To me LIVESTRONG means LIVING & Giving LOVE in sickness & in health

Cancer haunts my family. Swallowed even my youngest friends- Kevin Broderick gone before 30's, just as he was becoming a full man. One year we went to cheer him on as he ran the lonely Adirondack Marathon in respectable time. At the end he laughed, called it stupid. We all ate sausages. As every serious non-runner warrior does as some point, he lost his shi(r)t that day. As I remember, he stood bare-chested facing late fall wind, a Self located in the bliss of freedom from self. 

To Colleen R, Kathleen R, Mary F, Kevin, Yia Yia, Mick Simmons, S Wilson, Julia T, Robert B, Charlie B, Robert Willis and on and my friends who are surviving, to my siblings of friends, mothers of friends, and fathers of friends living and gone, and to my old puppy dog Nutmeg--thank you for showing me how to beat cancer with light & love--the way to LIVESTRONG.