To me LIVESTRONG means kicking cancer's ass

I was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2003, when I was 50 years-old. After under-going an intensive series of chemo treatments, the main tumors were either gone or reduced in size by 90% and dormant. Livestrong supported me every step of the way and the stories of the many cancer victims and their care givers inspired me to keep living strong every day. 

My oncologist told me that if my tumors stayed dormant for 5 years, I had a very good chance of living out the rest of my life normally. So in 2009 to celebrate being cancer free for 10 years, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in DC. To honor the memory of cancer victims, I ran in a Livestrong tee shirt with the names of the cancer victims of my supports printed on the back. 

I am still living strong today and plan to do the Shamrock Half Marathon also to honor the memory of those many cancer victims and their families, and to continue to support the great work of the Livestrong Foundation that helped me so much.