Last year I lost my friend Deborah who had fought valiantly against her cancer, this year my father in law was quickly taken by cancer.  My aunt Carol is fighting the fight as well as several of my employees and friends.  By my cycling 100 miles and raising money to help people like them get the information or help they need  is something I need to do, it's something we all need to do to help our friends and loved one's.  If you don't see yourself doing a ride, see yourself making a donation.  Someday we all hope cancer will be irradicated, until then we remember those who are no longer with us and support the one's that still are, thank you.

Year two 2014, once again I am cycling for my lost friends and relatives, employees and people I have never had the opportunity to meet.  If you can ride then do, if you can't then support every dollar helps someone and that's what it's about.