To me LIVESTRONG means hope for a future without cancer and a better today for those fighting cancer.

Hardly anyone today can say they have not experienced cancer in some shape or form, whether they are a survivor themselves, lost a loved one to cancer, are caring for a loved one with cancer, or have been the one to comfort someone who has lost a loved one to cancer.  

My first experience with the Livestrong organization was when they helped pay for the care of a little boy I had the great pleasure of knowing.  Jamal was an amazing little boy who was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor at age 4.  The following 3 months were among the most difficult as we watched our happy little boy disappear in front of our eyes.  However, we made the best of the time we had left with Jamal, and some of my best memories are from during that time.  I do not know what we would have done without the support services of Livestrong.    

In addition I am running for in memory, support, and honor of the many other cancer fighters I know including:

-My grandfather, James Faulkner

-My grandmother, Barbara Faulkner

-Shunda Franklin

-John JP Petrovick

-Samantha Trainor

-Scott McNeil

-Michael Massab