To me LIVESTRONG means Today, we fight!

On 4/22/09 I was diagnosed w/ Stage 1 Testicular Cancer. On 4/22/09 I beat Stage 1 Testicular Cancer.  

My story is one of early detection.  In April of 2009 I noticed something was off during a self exam.  I went and saw my family doctor and we scheduled and ultrasound for the next day.  After the scan the next 24 hours were a blur.  Blood work, urology consult, surgery, recovery.  

I was very lucky to have found the cancer early and there was no spreading or growth.  I went on a active surveillance plan.  I am happy to report I am 5 years clear.  

Livestrong was the 1st place I turned for answers to my questions and the feedback and community they provided got me to a great place.  The challenge was an opportunity for me to go out and raise awareness and funds and my may of saying thank you.  I've been blessed w/ meeting some amazing individuals and Livestrong has given me so much to be thankful for.    

Cheers to a great 2014!  

Today, we fight!