Cancer has been in and out of my life for years. When my dad was diagnosed it was the hardest time for me. This is when LiveStrong appeared in my life and held my hand during the hardest times especially at the end when he passed away. 

LiveStrong to be is about unity and strength in numbers. Each person that you come into contact with each have a story to tell. Whether they are going through the battle themselves or someone they love is fighting cancer...we share a common bond. It isn't one we want, but it is what has been placed in our path and together we can get through it all.

Even after my father passed away, they offered their assistance to me. I am forever thankful for their support. Even when it was times I cried on the phone to someone who just listened. I remember when I called upset, I was asked how I was dealing with it all. No one really asked that and it really made me pause to be honest with what I was going through. 

I promised to give back to the group that really supported me. I did the Philadelphia ride for the first time in 2013 and knew I had to come back in 2014. I hope to make it a yearly event. After my father's battle I have had other people I love get diagnosed with cancer. When I rode in 2013 it was in memory of my father and also in honor of a friend Mel, who is battling a brain tumor. I will continue that into 2014. 

Last year I was able to raise $1030 and I hope to match that this year as well. This time I am using my art and photography to help raise money. I have set up a site and all my proceeds from each item purchased will go to my LiveStrong ride. 

Here is my artist web site

Please help me by giving even just $5. Every dollar counts....LiveStrong is about helping one another and every person has been touched by cancer in their lives. Until the day that disease is gone, we must pull together and help those going through this battle.