To me LIVESTRONG means the responsibility of survivorship

In 1996, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer for the first time, underwent treatment and then went on with my life, not thinking cancer would enter my life again. But it did in 2008, when I was diagnosed with testicular cancer again. This time, I didn't stop at simply surviving it and have spent the years since doing my small part to educate young people about that particular type of cancer, raise money for LIVESTRONG to provide help to everyone facing all kinds of cancer, fundraise for cancer research and other health and social causes, and offer one-on-one support to cancer survivors and co-survivors whenever I can. Meanwhile, I've gained so much from my association with LIVESTRONG: I've met so many wonderful people from near and far who have inspired me to take on the responsibility of survivorship by helping others. And I've challenged myself athletically in ways I never would have bothered to before my second cancer diagnosis and participating in my first Challenge back in 2008. Six Challenges later, I'm now healthier, stronger, faster and more grounded in terms of what really matters in life than I ever had been before. I don't thank cancer for that, since cancer has robbed me and people I know of so much. No, instead I thank the inspiration of the LIVESTRONG message and all the people I've met through the Foundation for helping me transform a feeling of loss into one of empowerment, responsibility and caring for others.