To me LIVESTRONG means a steadfast belief that with unity, virtue and knowledge, anything is possible.

Like so many others, cancer has affected those I love. From my Grandfather, friends, family members, and coworkers, this awful disease does not discriminate. I am passionate about helping people access the services and support that they need and deserve. As an employee at LIVESTRONG, I am able to see how donor dollars help people affected by cancer today in the form of one on one, free, confidential services and community programs. 

This February, I will be running my first full marathon with Team Kate. While the idea of running a full marathon used to seem absurd for me, Kate's story, and her long and courageous fight against melanoma, has inspired me to run for those who can't. I think of Kate and those I love as I continue to train and do something I didn't think was possible for me. I'm honored to be a part of Team Kate and to raise funds for a cause that is so close to my heart.

Please consider donating to my fundraising campaign where 83 cents of every dollar supports services and programs for those affected by cancer now. Team Kate's goal of raising $100,000 is in sight and your contribution will get us another step closer. Thank you!