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How It Helps Kids

When a parent, sibling, family member or friend is diagnosed with cancer, school age children need support. Livestrong has created a curriculum designed to help educators, parents and caregivers teach children about cancer in a way that is inspiring and empowering. Livestrong at School offers age-appropriate lessons for grades K-12 to help children understand the cancer journey.

Lessons & Activities

Through these award-winning lessons and activities, students will learn about cancer in a way that is age-appropriate and empowering. Use our ready-to-go resources to generate meaningful discussions about cancer, cancer treatment, and how to support those living with cancer.

Young Children

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Connecting Children Impacted by Cancer Collaborative

Livestrong, Hopecam, and Monkey in My Chair have joined forces to provide cancer education, technology, and social support to children ages 5-15 years (grades K-9) across America. Treatment often limits children’s ability to attend school, causing isolation from their friends. During this time, the child’s classmates may not understand what cancer is or how to talk about it. The CCIC provides free technology and Wi-Fi equipment, monkey kits, and educational materials to demystify cancer and unite children, families, and schools.

Family & Cancer Support