The LIVESTRONG Leaders Program engages volunteers across the globe in support of our mission to improve the lives of people affected by cancer now.

Program Overview

LIVESTRONG means doing the best and the most for those affected by cancer, now. Our vision is that people living with cancer have everything they need throughout their journey. We provide individuals and communities with best-in-class programs and services that meaningfully improve their cancer experience. LIVESTRONG is about the person, not the disease.

With that in mind, LIVESTRONG Leaders act as community representatives to help LIVESTRONG strengthen our mission, amplify our message and expand our movement of supporters in local communities and online in three distinct ways: providing education and raising awareness around our programs and services, participating in LIVESTRONG supported and sanctioned legislative advocacy activities and taking part in Team LIVESTRONG and grassroots fundraising efforts.

Become a Leader!

We encourage applicants to have a basic understanding of LIVESTRONG’s mission, programs and services. You can read more about what we do here.

To find out more about the LIVESTRONG Leader program and/or to connect with a LIVESTRONG Leader near you, please email

Eligibility Requirements

  • LIVESTRONG Leaders must be able to speak, read and write in English.
  • LIVESTRONG Leaders must have regular and consistent access to a computer and the internet.


  • Develop and submit an action plan to outline your annual goals and anticipated LIVESTRONG Leader volunteer activities.
  • Participate in the online community platform for LIVESTRONG Leaders.
  • Complete required surveys concerning the LIVESTRONG Leader program.
  • Report your activities as a LIVESTRONG Leader at least quarterly to LIVESTRONG.
  • Participate in monthly webinars or bridge calls, or listen to the recordings at a later time.


Roger Levesque
Newington, Connecticut

Rafael Matos
Ellicott City, Maryland

Amy Mattes

Amy Mattes
Kalona, Iowa

David Murphy
Oak Park, Illinois

Don Neil
Arley, Alabama

Amanda Otto

Amanda Otto
Tucson, Arizona

John Owens
Hopkins, Minnesota

Bryan Patchen
Buford, Georgia

Robert Sartin
Austin, Texas

Will Swetnam
Austin, Texas

David Tanza
Santa Cruz, California

Linda Tarason

Linda Tarason
Tucson, Arizona

Rachel Ternik
Chicago, Illinois

Phil Toomey
Redondo Beach, California

Cindy Trent
Palatine, Illinois

Bob Tushup

Bob Tushup
Temple, Texas

Joe Volpe
Austin, Texas

Peggy Watterson
Davis, California