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Cancer Basics

Cancer Basics

A cancer diagnosis is the beginning of a personal journey for each individual. Everyone has a unique set of beliefs, values and ways of coping. You will find the ways that work best for you.

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Choosing Your Health Care Team

Choosing Your Health Care Team

Choose a health care team that has had success treating the type of cancer you have. A good team will work with you and help you get the best treatment for your type and stage of cancer.

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Concerns About Physical Effects of Treatment

Concerns About Physical Effects of Treatment

It’s natural to have concerns about physical changes that could happen during and after cancer treatment. Your health care team can help you learn what to expect. They will explain what is likely to

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Considering Clinical Trials

Considering Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are scientific studies. They test treatments that are in development. Trials also study other ways of using current treatments. Look into whether a clinical trial could be right for

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Developing Your Treatment Plan

You will work with your health care provider to develop a cancer treatment plan. This is the guide for your cancer care and treatment. Take the time to learn about your type of cancer and the current

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Organizing and Keeping Important Records

You'll be keeping track of a great deal of important paperwork through your cancer journey. Keeping organized records will make life easier for you and your loved ones. If you don't feel well enough

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Palliative Care to Improve Quality of Life

Palliative Care to Improve Quality of Life

Palliative care helps to relieve the symptoms or problems caused by cancer or other diseases. Cancer treatments are designed to cure or control the disease. Palliative care focuses on comfort and

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Working With Your Health Care Team

Working With Your Health Care Team

Members of your health care team can get very busy. It might seem like there’s no time to talk about your questions and concerns. If your health care provider has a time limit for each patient, try

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Your Cancer Treatment Options

Your Cancer Treatment Options

Learn as much as you can about your type of cancer and treatment options. Start with information you get from your health care team and the opinions you get from other health care providers.

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Your Personal Beliefs

Your Personal Beliefs

Every person has a set of personal beliefs and ideas. These may include beliefs about spirituality and religion. Many affected by cancer find that the cancer journey deepens their beliefs. It can even

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Moving Forward with Cancer

Moving Forward with Cancer

It is important to find ways to move forward with your life after the initial shock of a cancer diagnosis. Knowledge is power. Knowing what is happening and what you need to do to meet your needs will

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Fertility Preservation Options for Men

Studies show that the majority of oncologists do not discuss fertility routinely with their at-risk patients. If you're facing cancer, ask your health care team for fertility preservation

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How to Choose Your Fertility Specialist

After that conversation, you can visit a fertility specialist to discuss your options in more detail. Ask your health care team for referrals and use LIVESTRONG’s Fertility Clinic Search

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