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The Livestrong Brave Box155

Livestrong is excited to announce a new product to help you shower some extra love on people affected by cancer!Often survivors want someone to be present and listen, cry and laugh with them, ask read more

Finding a Hidden Strength and Perseverance262

- Laura’s Cancer Stor read more

Fighting Through with a Fight Song216

My journey through breast cancer treatment and the people who helped me along the way read more

A Survivor Story: Tori Tomalia157

I am Tori, a 38-year-old mother of three, and I have metastatic lung cancer read more

Tips for Healthy Eating During Cancer136

…from the Livestrong Cancer Nutrition Guid read more

Six Ways to Pass Time Between Rounds of Chemo151

So here you are, settling into the cancer lifestyle. Zofran in the a.m., Zofran in the p.m., Zofran when you’re nauseated and not sleeping read more

We’re All United in this Fight171

I am a teacher, mother of two boys, a wife, friend, freedom fighter, daughter, and sister. At 39, a few weeks before Christmas of 2016, I went into my local urgent care clinic with intense back and read more

Sharing my story and the legacy of my late sister266

My name is Gabrielle, I am currently 26 years old and was born and raised in Indiana. I graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Journalism with a Political Science concentration, and am read more

Turning the impossible to possible: my cancer and fertility experience227

My husband and I got married on September 17, 2016. Just four short months after exchanging our vows, we received my cervical cancer diagnosis. While it was caught early, I was advised that a radical read more

Activity Means Positivity132

My friends call me Michele. I am a Bostonian living in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. I was a divorced mother who raised 7 children and had 2 teenage sons at home and had just taken in a 14-year-old read more

Lessons from a cancer “rookie”128

My name is Rob. I am semi-retired and live on an island in the middle of Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. I’m 65 years old. My family is from this area, but I grew up in an Air Force family and we read more

Redefining strength and vulnerability131

Exercise had always played a prominent role in my life and when I was diagnosed with lymphoma as a 21-year-old, I was adamant about keeping it that way. Activity was my rock — as long as I was moving read more