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Livestrong Fertility: 2013 Overview

This infographic provides an overview of the Livestrong Fertility program in 2013. Highlights from the infographic include the number of individuals who received discounted fertility preservation

Livestrong Cancer Navigation

Livestrong offers free and confidential one-on-one support to anyone affected by cancer. This includes emotional assistance to help you cope with a cancer diagnosis and find support groups or peer-to

Livestrong Fertility

Livestrong Fertility provides reproductive information, resources and financial support if cancer and its treatment present risks to your fertility.

Livestrong Cancer Navigation: 2015 Overview

This infographic provides an overview of key program highlights, financial impact and details about the people we served through Livestrong Cancer Navigation in 2015.

Livestrong Fertility: 2015 Overview

This infographic presents the impact of the Livestrong Fertility Discount Program in 2015 including the number of people served and money saved.

Iatrogenic Infertility Due to Cancer Treatments: A Case for Fertility Preservation Coverage

Livestrong’s goal is to amend current cancer benefits to include coverage for all standard fertility preservation treatments when necessary medical treatments may cause iatrogenic infertility. Both

Position Statement: Health Insurance Coverage for Iatrogenic Infertility

As national conversation for health insurance coverage for fertility preservation developed, Livestrong and the Cancer Legal Resource Center joined together to develop a position statement outlining