Aaron B. - Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor

At the time of my diagnosis, I had a girlfriend, and I was worried about how that might affect our relationship.

Amy D. - Osteosarcoma Survivor

Amy is an osteosarcoma survivor. She talks about telling others she's a survivor, how her cancer experience changed her relationship with her parents, physical rehabilitation and body image.

Annie G. - Uterine Cancer Survivor

Annie is a uterine cancer survivor. She discusses her relationships with family members, exercise and experiencing aftereffects of cancer treatment.

Alecia H. - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor

Alecia is a non-Hodgkins lymphoma survivor. She talks about the aftereffects of radiation therapy, meeting other survivors and helping them through the cancer experience, hope and survivor guilt.

Angie M. - Multiple Myeloma Survivor

Angie is a multiple myeloma survivor. She talks about experiencing aftereffects of treatment, developing Raynaud's syndrome and losing her parents to cancer.

Audra O. - Breast Cancer Survivor

After her bilateral mastectomy, Audra, a breast cancer survivor, dealt with hair loss. This change to her appearance, along with side effects like cognitive changes and infertility, affected her personal body image.

Alejandro and Josephina M. - Medulloblastoma Survivor, Caregiver

Alejandro and Josefina talk about what hospice means for survivors, finding spirituality in their experience and family financial issues.

Ann F. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Ann, a breast cancer survivor, cherishes the support her husband showed while she dealt with physical changes in her body after cancer and how those changes affected her sexuality.

Barbara and Steven W. - Caregivers

Barbara and Steven are parents of a survivor. They discuss caregiver concerns, Joshua's experiences with the aftereffects of treatment and relationships with family.

Amer and Sandy T. - Cancer Survivor, Caregiver

Amer is a cancer survivor and Sandy is his caregiver. They discuss dealing with the aftereffects of treatment, compromised immune systems and finding solutions for family financial issues.

Anna Marie J. - Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Anna Marie is an ovarian cancer survivor. She talks about managing a compromised immune system in her daily life, seeking emotional support from her husband and finding hope in her experience.

Barbara H. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Barbara, a breast cancer survivor, talks about her participation in a clinical trial, her role in changing public policy and her path to finding emotional support.
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