Barbara R. - Lung Cancer Survivor

Barbara is a lung cancer survivor. She talks about her experience with palliative care, finding emotional support and communicating with her health care team.

Bob B. - Testicular Cancer Survivor

Bob is a testicular cancer survivor. He talks about chronic pain, going in for check-ups, how being an athlete helped him get through treatment, fear of recurrance and community involvement.

Charles F. - Prostate and Colon Cancer Survivor

Charles is a two-time cancer survivor. He talks about exercising to stay healthy, sexual dysfunction and how he dealt with getting a second cancer.

Beth P. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Beth is a breast cancer survivor. She talks about meeting other survivors, finding emotional support and managing the aftereffects of cancer treatment.

Brian H. - Oral Cancer Survivor

Brian is an oral cancer survivor. He talks about finding meaning in his cancer experience, dealing with side effects like lymphedema and working with a mental health professional for help with his depression.

Chris C. - Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) Survivor

Chris is a gastrointestinal stromal tumor survivor. He talks about his participation in a clinical trial, accessing quality care and finding a counselor to deal with his emotional issues.

Beth S. - Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

Beth is a pancreatic cancer survivor. She discusses dealing with life expectancy, survivor guilt, funeral planning and finding emotional support.

Brice L. - Prostate Cancer Survivor

Brice is a prostate cancer survivor. He discusses dealing with sexual dysfunction, his fear of recurrence and setting priorities in his life.

Chris C. - Testicular Cancer Survivor

Chris is a testicular cancer survivor. He talks about evaluating his symptoms and pushing his doctor to figure out why he was in pain. He also discusses his relationship with his family and how fortunate he feels that he didnt lose his fertility.

Blanche T. - Small Cell Carcinoma Survivor

Blanche is a small cell carcinoma survivor. She talks about accessing quality care from a small town in Alaska, dealing with sadness and depression and setting priorities.

C.J. H. - Osteosarcoma Survivor

C.J. is an osteosarcoma survivor. He talks about dealing with a leg amputation, returning to exercise using a prostheses and finding hope in his cancer experience.

Chris O. - Brain Cancer Survivor

Chris, a brain cancer survivor, emphasizes the importance of accessing quality care, setting priorities in life and practicing healthy behaviors.
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