Tom B. - Squamous Cell Carcinoma Survivor

Tom is a squamous cell carcinoma survivor. He discusses accessing quality care as a resident of Alaska, dealing with his body image and changes to his teeth and mouth.

Vailili E. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Vailili, a breast cancer survivor, talks about her involvement in the Samoan community, her altered body image after a mastectomy and her relationship with her family.

Wendy E. - Cervical Cancer Survivor

Wendy, a cervical cancer survivor, addresses the issues of female infertility, practicing healthy behaviors and dating and new relationships after treatment.

Tracy B. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Tracy, a breast cancer survivor, discusses the aftereffects from treatment she experienced including premature menopause and mild lymphedema. She also reflects on how she talked to her children about cancer.

Vera H. - Thyroid Cancer Survivor

Vera is a thyroid cancer survivor. She talks about changes to her thyroid and how it has affected her overall health.

Wendy Z. - Melanoma Survivor

Wendy is a melanoma survivor. She talks about using biological therapies for treatment, participating in a clinical trial and dating and new relationships.

Trinika C. - Osteosarcoma Survivor

Trinika is an osteosarcoma survivor. She talks about physical rehabilitation, body image, losing her hair and seeking emotional support.
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