Christie C. - Brain Cancer Survivor

Hope and faith helped Christie survive her diagnosis of neuroblastoma. Today she talks about her emotional support system, as well as the health insurance and organizations that helped her pay for her medical bills.

Claudia V. - Caregiver

Claudia lost her fiancé to testicular cancer. She talks about Jose's battle with cancer, planning for his medical future and dealing with Medicaid.

David C. - Mediastinal Large Cell Lymphoma

David is a mediastinal large cell lymphoma survivor. He talks about clinical trials, setting priorities in his life and the relationship with his daughters.

Christopher W. - Caregiver

Christopher lost his mother to lung and brain cancer. He talks about her passing, the relationship she had with the caregivers in the family and palliative care.

Craig L. - Brain Cancer Survivor

Craig, a brain tumor survivor, was shocked by the discrimination he experienced at work. After his diagnosis, he recognized the importance of getting a second medical opinion and working closely with an endocrinologist after treatment.

David D. - Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

David is a pancreatic cancer survivor. He talks about experiencing aftereffects of treatment, living with uncertainty and planning his medical future.

Cindy C. - Kidney Cancer Survivor

Cindy is a kidney cancer survivor. She talks about managing the aftereffects of cancer treatment, dating and new relationships and applying for Social Security disability.

Curtis B. - Acute Myeloid Leukemia Survivor

Curtis, an acute myeloid leukemia survivor, discusses talking about fertility with his doctor, learning to communicate with his health care team and facing the challenges of finding a job.

Debbie S. - Colon Cancer Survivor

Debbie is a colon cancer survivor. She talks about the changes to her diet, the way her child reacted to her illness, and the emotional support she received from her friends, family and an online support group.

Cindy D. - Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

Cindy is a pancreatic cancer survivor. Cindy talks about getting Social Security benefits, experiencing insomnia and sleep problems, and dealing with diabetes.

Dan W. - Hodgkin's Disease Survivor

Dan is a Hodgkin's disease survivor. He talks about accessing quality care in Alaska, the relationship with his wife and children and meeting other survivors.

Della R. - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor

Della is a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor. She talks about navigating the health care system, setting priorities in her life and being spiritual.
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