Dorene S. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Dorene, a breast cancer survivor, also battles diabetes. She discovered the importance of communicating with her husband as well as meeting other survivors.

Emotional Support for Cancer Caregivers

Learn more about Livestrong's emotional support services toll-free at 855.220.7777 or online

Ginger S. - Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Ginger is an ovarian cancer survivor. She talks about meeting other survivors in a support group, setting priorities and how genetic testing helped her make decisions about her treatment.

Elizabeth & Danny N. - Caregiver

Elizabeth and Danny are both cancer survivors. They discuss their grief and loss, dealing with infertility and, through it all, finding meaning in their cancer experience.

Eric N. - Carcinoid Survivor

As a two-time cancer survivor, Eric talks about changes to his lungs after surgery, meeting other survivors and living with uncertainty.

Ginny S. - Tongue Cancer Survivor

Ginny is a tongue cancer survivor. She talks about the changes to her teeth and mouth after surgery, going through physical and speech therapy and getting emotional support.

Elizabeth M. - Condrosarcoma Survivor

Elizabeth, a chondrosarcoma survivor, discusses the aftereffects of her surgery, how to manage chronic pain and the issues surrounding a high-risk pregnancy.

Fayruz B. - Hodgkin's Disease Survivor

Fayruz is a Hodgkin's disease survivor. She talks about the thyroid condition she developed due to radiation to her neck, her relationships with her husband and her mother and how to reduce stress in her life.

Grace B. - Colon Cancer Survivor

Grace is a colon cancer survivor. She talks about healthy behaviors, how spirituality gave her hope and strength during treatment and communicating with her health care team.
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