Greg F. - Leukemia Survivor

Greg talks about how he deals with graft vs. host disease, how he prepared for possible infertility before his treatment began and how he finds meaning in his cancer experience.

Hugo G. - Spinal Cord Tumor Survivor

Hugo is a spinal cord tumor survivor. He talks about feeling angry, sad and depressed, physical rehabilitation and survivor guilt.

James M. - Rhabdomyosarcoma Survivor

James is a rhabdomyosarcoma survivor. He and his mother, Pam, talk about how James took growth hormones due to neuroendocrine changes, dealing with cystitis on his bladder and the positive effects of Camp Periwinkle.

Harold B. - Prostate Cancer Survivor

Harold is a prostate cancer survivor. He talks about fatigue, sexual dysfunction, incontinence and how being in a support group with other people his age has helped him during his survivorship.

Ian I. - Acute Myeloid Leukemia Survivor

Ian, an acute myelogenous leukemia survivor, talks about accessing quality care from Alaska, the aftereffects of his treatment and the process of applying fof Social Security benefits.

Jamie L. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Jamie, a breast cancer survivor, elected to have a double mastectomy. She discusses how she dealt with post-traumatic stress disorder and the challenge of finding and evaluating resources using the Internet.

Heather T. - Sarcoma Survivor

Heather is a metastatic myxoid vulvar sarcoma survivor. She talks about managing chronic pain, dealing with sadness and depression and talking to others about her survivorship.

Jacqueline M. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Jacqueline, a breast cancer survivor, opted for a mastectomy followed by reconstructive surgery. She reflects on her return to work after treatment, as well as meeting other survivors.

Janet K. - Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Janet is an ovarian cancer survivor. She talks about evaluating her symptoms, meeting other survivors and dealing with employment discrimination.

Heidi A. - Ewing's sarcoma Survivor

Heidi is a Ewing's sarcoma survivor. She talks about setting priorities, focusing on the things she can do rather than worrying about the things she can't control and dealing with health insurance companies.

James B. - Caregiver

James lost his daughter to neuroblastoma. He talks about enrolling his daughter, Lindsay, in clinical trials, getting involved in the cancer community and participating in Livestrong Day.

Janet R. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Janet, a breast cancer survivor, lost her mother to lung cancer. She now discusses the emotional effects of cancer she has experienced, as well as communicating with her husband.
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