Janice D. - Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor

Janice is a Hodgkin's disease survivor. She discusses experiencing aftereffects of cancer treatment, managing cardiomyopathy and communicating with her husband.

Jennifer A. - Papillary Thyroid Survivor

Jennifer is a thyroid cancer survivor. She talks about managing chronic pain, dealing with her body image after surgery and finding meaning in her cancer experience.

Jerry K. - Testicular Cancer Survivor

Jerry is a testicular cancer survivor. He talks about getting involved in the cancer community, telling others about his survivorship experience and changing public policies.

Jeannine W. - Brain Cancer Survivor

Jeannine, a brain tumor survivor, sought help from the Livestrong Foundation in finding resources to assist with her cancer journey, including complementary therapies. She also worked to change public policy through lobbying.

Jenny D. - Appendix Cancer Survivor

Jenny, a two-time cancer survivor, undertands living with uncertainty after treatment. She discusses the importance of incorporating exercise into her life, as well as the relationships with her family.

Jessica F. - Melanoma Survivor

Jessica is a melanoma survivor. She talks about communicating with her fiancé, anger about the lack of information about melanoma and meeting other survivors.

Jeff & Marj P. - Melanoma Survivors

Jeff and Marj are melanoma survivors. They talk about changes to their skin, communicating with each other and their involvement in the cancer community.

Jerry A. - Melanoma Survivor

Jerry is a melanoma survivor. He discusses the changes to his lungs and how it has affected his exercise, dealing with the emotional effects of cancer and living with uncertainty.

Jill C. - Hodgkin's Mixed Cellularity Survivor

Jill is a Hodgkin's disease survivor. She discusses dating and new relationships, changes to her thyroid and meeting other survivors in the community.

Jeff D. - Testicular Cancer Survivor

Jeff is a testicular cancer survivor. He talks about dating and new relationships, relationships with family and living with uncertainty.

Jerry J. - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor

Jerry is a two-time cancer survivor. He talks about managing stress, dealing with a second cancer and spirituality during his survivorship. He also talks about sexual functioning after treatment.

Jim O. - Brain Cancer Survivor

Jim, a brain tumor survivor, turned to biological therapies for treatment. He also faced the challenges of talking to his son about cancer and working to change public policy affecting survivors.
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