Jim W. - Prostate Cancer Survivor

Jim is a prostate cancer survivor. He talks about sexual dysfunction, how he stays involved in the cancer community, and how he manages the symptoms of urinary incontinence.

John G. - Throat, Neck and Jaw Cancer Survivor

John is a three-time cancer survivor. He talks about physical rehabilitation, returning to work and life expectancy.

Karen S. - Ovarian and Breast Cancer Survivor

Karen is a two-time cancer survivor. She talks about trying different complentary therapies, living with uncertainty and life expectancy.

Jina P. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Jina is a breast cancer survivor. She talks about the aftereffects of radiation therapy, how she stays involved in the cancer community and meeting other survivors.

Jon H. - Melanoma Survivor

Jon is a skin cancer survivor. He talks about body image, the relationship with his girlfriend and setting priorities in his life.

Karen S. - Soft Tissue Sarcoma Survivor

Karen is a sarcoma survivor. She talks about managing lymphedema, changes to her lungs and telling others that she is a survivor.

Joan O. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Joan's faith helped her to survive her diagnosis of breast cancer. Today she believes that prayer, access to quality care as an Alaska native and the relationships with her family gave her the strength to fight.

Jon L. - Caregiver

Jon discusses communication with his wife while she was going through treatment, the relationship with their children and getting involved in their community.

Karen T. - Myelofibrosis Survivor

Karen is a myelofibrosis survivor. She talks about managing graft versus host disease after receiving a bone marrow transplant, dealing with diabetes, and planning for her financial future.

John F. - Lung Cancer Survivor

John is a lung cancer survivor. He discusses living with the uncertainty of a recurrence and finding spirituality through his experience.

Joseph N. - Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Joseph is a squamous cell survivor. Joseph talks about his emotional support system, how physical changes to his face affected his body image and cognitive changes due to his treatment.

Kate M. - Acute Promylastic Leukemia Survivor

Kate is an acute myelogenous leukemia survivor. She discusses her spirituality and setting priorities in her life after cancer. She also talks about doing personal research and the help she got from oncology nurses.
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