Lynne R. - Rhabdomyosarcoma Survivor

Lynne is a rhabdomyosarcoma survivor. She talks about dealing with the aftereffects of radiation, managing chronic cystitis and preventing osteoporosis.

Marilyn G. - Leiomyosarcoma Survivor

Marilyn is a leiomyosarcoma survivor. She discusses dealing with the fear of death and dying, finding emotional support and spirituality.

Mary S. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Mary is a breast cancer survivor. She talks about complementary therapies used in tribal doctor programs and dealing with the physical and emotional effects of cancer.

Magnolia C. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Magnolia, a breast cancer survivor, discusses the aftereffects of chemotherapy treatment, the importance of accessing quality care and her return to dating and new relationships.

Mark & Jack H. - Pelvic Cancer Survivor

Jack is a cancer survivor. Mark talks about being a caregiver to his son, feeling angry about Jack's cancer and how the caner experience affected his family.

Matthews B. - Hairy Cell Leukemia Survivor

Matthews is a hairy cell leukemia survivor. He talks about receiving a stem cell transplant, setting priorities in his life after treatment and spirituality.

Maria S. - Lymphoma Survivor

Maria is a three-time cancer survivor. She talks about communicating with her husband, the aftereffects of cancer treatment and anger.

Mark K. - Hairy Cell Leukemia Survivor

Mark is a hairy cell leukemia survivor. He talks about experiencing the aftereffects of cancer treatment, managing a compromised immune system and participating in Livestrong Day.

Max Y. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Max, a breast cancer survivor, remembers the day when she received the news that her cancer had returned. She learned to manage stress by being honest with others while reevaluating what is important in her life.

Maricar T. - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor

Maricar is a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor. She talks about the possibility of infertility due to treatment, getting involved in the cancer community and managing out-of-pocket expenses.

Mark O. - Abdominal Cancer Survivor

Mark , an abdominal sarcoma survivor, sought help through the Livestrong Navigation Services with understanding the health care system, dealing with survivor guilt and the relationship with his family.

May T. - Lung Cancer Survivor

May is a lung cancer survivor. She discusses the importance of exercise in her survivorship experience and her fear of recurrence.
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