Icon Series

Date active: 2020-present

A series of Innovation Conversations (Icon) across the US designed to create new cancer solutions.

This isn't a conference, it's a conversation

In 2020 we welcomed hundreds of cancer survivors, caregivers, advocates, health care providers, program creators, directors and entrepreneurs to a series of real conversations focused on tackling, and finding answers for, some of the everyday challenges which impact the quality of life for those faced with cancer.

We want to hear your voice, your ideas and your challenges as we tackle these problems head on. 2021 dates are coming soon! Click here to save your seat and be the first to know when our new sessions are announced.

Everyday Cancer Problem: Lack of technology in underserved areas prevents telemedicine care. How can we deliver it? Watch the Solution Session here.

Everyday Cancer Problem: How can we bring creative arts to cancer patients virtually in the hospital or at home? Watch the Solution Session here.

Everyday Cancer Problem: Exercise is a vital part of cancer recovery. How can we do it virtually? Watch a 20 minute Livestrong a the Y Session here.

What everyday cancer problem do you want to be a part of solving? Let us know here!

2020 Icon Series Highlight Reel

John Gould, from the Chicago Methodist Senior Services, and I had a terrific conversation last week. We first met virtually through the Livestrong conference.

We are going to partner on the birdhouse project. His group will create birdhouses and share them with Gilda's Club in Chicago. Living Proof Exhibit only has one staff member so this is a great way to Make Hope Soar!

He is going to share our virtual sessions with his clients and I will provide them with a supply list so that they can actively participate in our sessions. He is also going to connect his clients who are cancer survivors to our annual exhibition. We have several people who live in Chicago who participate every year. I'm thrilled to increase this outreach!

This pandemic has been exhausting, but if you all hadn't moved the conference online we would have never connected.

Thank you!

Pamela Crouch

Executive Director | Living Proof Exhibit

Why Innovation Conversations?

INNOVATION - At Livestrong, we are about finding solutions and we believe that the best solutions are created when you bring together people with deep knowledge of the problem, give them a space to imagine bigger, and connect them with generous disrupters. At Icon we bring together the survivor experience and some of the most disruptive and energetic minds working in all facets of the cancer space to create powerful solutions.

CONVERSATIONS – To find the right solutions, we have to understand the problem. And to understand the problem, we have to listen to a variety of perspectives and experiences. At Icon you will hear from tech startups building new technology, non-profits filling gaps in local communities in new ways, and impact investors changing the way we fund these solutions. But this isn’t just a panel of speakers talking about what they are doing. These are conversations with you – small breakout sessions centered on listening and idea sharing to solve cancer problems which simply don’t deserve to exist.

Learn from the best and brightest

Keynote Speakers and Breakout Session Facilitators will include technology leaders, brilliant medical minds, impact investors, and survivors and caregivers living with cancer today.

Small Group Breakout Sessions: Share your perspectives and grow your network

We know that when we work together, incredible things can happen. That's why the event will facilitate opportunities to network with other system-disruptors in a small group setting. You'll have the option to share your contact information to keep the conversations going! There are small group sessions at both virtual and in-person Icon Events.

The Icon Series is Coming to a City Near You

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