Industry Council

LIVESTRONG’s Industry Council is comprised of representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, as well as other health and medical related companies, who all share LIVESTRONG’s commitment to patient-centered cancer care.

The aim of the Council is to collaboratively deliver multisector solutions for pressing cancer problems by providing members with a heightened awareness of the needs of patients, caregivers and survivors. In addition to actionable conversations, members have the opportunity to fund other value aligned LIVESTRONG initiatives. Members have funded various program initiatives through LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, LIVESTRONG Leaders and LIVESTRONG Navigation Services.

Member Benefits

  • Attend Industry Council meetings quarterly – two in-person and two conference calls
  • Opportunity to host in-person meeting in your facility and invite additional staff to benefit from conversation
  • Ability to select and support a specific project from a menu of funding opportunities
  • Quarterly reporting and updates on the specific project supported
  • Opportunity to develop and expand projects that are relevant and beneficial to both LIVESTRONG and Industry Council members
  • Recognition on LIVESTRONG website
  • Invitation to participate in LIVESTRONG’s annual donor recognition event in October
  • Acknowledgement in the LIVESTRONG Annual Report
  • Reporting on findings from LIVESTRONG Survey, including access to raw data from past surveys

Member Criteria

  • Active engagement and hands on participation
  • Payment of annual membership dues of $30,000
  • A philosophical alignment with LIVESTRONG’s approach of developing and delivering patient-centered cancer care
  • Designated point-of-contact

Current Members