Dick Dyhrman Memorial

Donor Name: Dyhrman Family and Friends
Established: 1/1/2009
Dick Dyhram Memorial Endowment Fund
This fund was created in memory of Dick Dyhrman to memorialize his great Livestrong attitude. This fund helps provide the support and inspiration for others to live as Dick did. He was an avid cyclist and racer, and was a huge fan of Lance Armstrong throughout his many Tours. He traveled to Europe to watch Lance race and waited for him on the Alpe d' Huez. Dick found lots of energy and inspiration to ride hard throughout his years of cycling and even in his final months, folks gathered for a ride in support of his effort to Livestrong while fighting mesothelioma.

For more information, please call 1-844-GIVE 2 LS (1-844-448-3257) or contact donations@livestrong.org.