The LIVESTRONG Leader program engages volunteers around the world to support our mission to improve the lives of people affected by cancer now. Within their local communities, Leaders promote LIVESTRONG’s navigation services, resources and other key programs; support our advocacy work around important policy and legislation; and fundraise. By supporting our priorities, developing relationships with community leaders and initiating their own activities, more communities and individuals are impacted by the Foundation’s mission and services.

LIVESTRONG Leader Program FAQs

How does the LIVESTRONG Leader Program function and run?

The LIVESTRONG Leaders Program engages volunteers around the world to serve, inspire, educate and support those affected by cancer now. Leaders further the mission of the Foundation in a variety of ways. Examples are, but not limited to, fundraising, participating in Team LIVESTRONG events, representing the Foundation at local health fairs or events, advocating for increased cancer awareness and funding from the government, hosting awareness events, etc.

Leaders operate on a yearlong volunteer beginning in January and ending in December. Leaders are encouraged to re-apply each year to continue as part of the Program. At the beginning of each year, Leaders are providing robust training and support materials from the Foundation. Throughout the year, staff at the LIVESTRONG Foundation provide ongoing support, informational calls and opportunities to take action and participate in our strategic priorities. On average, leaders spend 1-2 hours a week fulfilling their role.

LIVESTRONG Leaders are organized into geographic “regions” domestically and internationally. Each region is comprised of Leaders in in the same geographic vicinity. Each Region has a Senior Leader who has been a leader for a minimum of two years. Senior Leaders add an additional layer of guidance, communication and support for Leaders.

What are the requirements to be a LIVESTRONG Leader?

We require all LIVESTRONG Leaders to be able to speak, read and write in English. Additionally, LIVESTRONG Leaders must complete at least three of the following actions over the course of the year:

  • Host five LIVESTRONG Navigation presentations
  • Complete three advocacy actions
  • Fundraise a minimum of $1000
  • Participate in one Team LIVESTRONG event (including satellite participation) or host a grassroots fundraising event
  • Organize/participate in three community awareness events
  • Support our community partners, supporters and events by collaborating in one activity over the course of the year

Additionally, all Leaders are asked to:

  • Promote our resources/products
  • Promote the Foundation by wearing LIVESTRONG gear
  • Promote the Foundation’s activities on social media

What are examples of LIVESTRONG Leader activities?

  • Schedule a meeting with your local legislator to discuss the importance of cancer funding, research and awareness
  • Fundraise on behalf of the LIVESTRONG Foundation by participating in a Team LIVESTRONG event and/or hosting a community fundraiser (grassroots) event.
  • Volunteering at a local LIVESTRONG Partnered Event
  • Represent the Foundation at a community event or health fair to educate others on the Foundation’s programs and services
  • Support the Foundation’s community partners. For example, volunteer to be on your local Camp Kesem chapter Advisory Board or explore how to get LIVESTRONG at the YMCA in your community
  • Present to local organizations, support groups, hospitals, etc. on the LIVESTRONG Foundation’s free Navigation Services
  • Create monthly newsletters on cancer survivorship

Who should apply?

Anyone is welcome to apply! We encourage applicants to have a basic understanding of the Foundation’s mission and programs.

Can I talk to a LIVESTRONG Leader in my Community?

We are happy to connect interested individuals with Leaders in their community. If you are interested, please email


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