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Inspire others by sharing your story. Whether you're in the fight today or would like to honor or remember someone special, we invite you to contribute your own 90-second testimonial to be shared and archived for the next 25 years—for free.
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No matter your connection to cancer, your story matters.

Chapter 1 | 90 seconds:25 years

Since 1997, Livestrong has served cancer survivors, caregivers and their loved ones. Our legacy is built on the individual stories of thousands.

In honor of our 25th anniversary and in partnership with NotForgotten, we developed the Livestrong Legacy Library to keep these stories alive and secure for generations using personal video stories.

Built by our community, for our community

Storytelling gives meaning to life's experiences. Stories inspire connection. They honor memories and people. They help us believe in possibilities—and they illuminate the path forward. Check out the full Livestrong Legacy Library to get inspired!

"You cannot change things that are happening to you...when I was diagnosed, I didn't fall apart. Seize what you've got!"

Sheila Gregory, Cancer Survivor & Contributor to the Livestrong Legacy Library

Livestrong + Live On.

Record your complimentary 90-second story or tribute here and we'll preserve it for 25 years!

Livestrong has partnered with Not Forgotten to build the Livestrong Legacy Library. Using a technology called Library 2.0, we will ensure our community stories, memories, traditions, and legacies are kept alive and secure for generations.