Get Involved

If you would like to advocate for use of this curriculum in your school, use the following tools and materials to raise awareness.

You can challenge advocates, educators, parents and others to get students involved in the fight against cancer. The following resources explain LIVESTRONG at School and many of the engaging ways classrooms across the country can get involved.

LIVESTRONG at School Postcard

Download and print a postcard to distribute to educators, parents and others to inform them about LIVESTRONG at School.

LIVESTRONG at School Presentation

Use this PowerPoint presentation to explain how the LIVESTRONG at School curriculum was developed, how it is structured and what students will learn.

LIVESTRONG at School Letter: Parents & Guardians

This letter can be used to inform parents or guardians at your school about the LIVESTRONG at School curriculum.

LIVESTRONG at School Letter: Constituents

Primarily for educators, this letter explains how the LIVESTRONG at School curriculum was designed, what it includes and testimonials.

LIVESTRONG at School Newsletter Article

Use this article to explain the LIVESTRONG at School program in PTA, parent or other school newsletters.

LIVESTRONG at School Get Involved Booklet

This booklet describes many ways you can get involved and participate in cancer awareness activities.

Q & A About Children's Grief

This document will help you find ways to support your student through difficult times.

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